Rewire Your Food Brain and Heal Your Relationship with Food in Just 8 Weeks so You Can Finally Enjoy Food Again
(and have the healthy body you want - without restriction, rules and obsession)

JUST EAT Academy - 8 Weeks to Nutritional Mindfulness Mastery so You Never Have to Stress About Food Again!

If you’re anything like how I was just a few years back you…

  • You know what you should be eating, but when you’re stressed, or tired, it feels next to impossible NOT to reach for the thing that is comforting.
  • ​Feel like you agonize and obsess over your food choices.
  • ​Every time you go out to eat, you’re secretly wondering how much you’re going to set yourself back. How many pounds is this meal going to add on?
  • ​You watch yourself binge, even though you know you shouldn't and feel powerless to stop it.
  • ​You don’t know how to change your own patterns. You’ll make progress in short bursts, but then a bad day, or a powerful craving will send you spinning back into old habits.
  • ​You feel an immense amount of pressure to be perfect, otherwise it feels like why even bother.
  • ​You judge and even grade yourself based on your food choices (or based on what the scale says that day).
You’ve probably thought that you just needed more willpower and self-discipline (or maybe you just haven’t found the right diet yet) .

So you’ve been yo-yoing from strategy to strategy 🪀 and nothing seems to be working. Each time things don’t pan out, you feel even worse, and you guessed it - you just go back to eating to feel better.
I totally understand what you’re going through. I’ve been there too.
The good news? 📰

You’re not doing anything wrong. And you’re not a failure.

You don’t need more willpower or a fancy diet. And you definitely don’t need to become a keto superstar in order to see results.

🗝️ The key isn’t in a strategy. The key is in rewiring what I call your Food Brain. 🗝️

When you do that, eating becomes instinctive, and you’re able to conquer cravings and end your binge episodes once and for all.
It’s powerful stuff. 💪
"My biggest mindset shift is that I know my body best. I had lost confidence in my ability to gauge what was right for me. I also feel confident in my relationship with my coach. It's about my needs. For the first time, it's not just about hitting predetermined numbers and complete adherence. Flexibility is important and overall I'm consistent and am reaching my goals. I feel confident in myself again and not like a failure who can't adhere."

- Ashley
Here’s the deal: you and I both know that if we don’t fix this once and for all, you’re going to put yourself at serious risk. ⚠️
     Spinning your wheels.
     Feeling like a failure.
     Wondering if being fit and healthy just isn’t for you.
I don’t want you to feel so ashamed that you aren’t able to spend time with the people that you love most because you’re afraid of being judged.

I don’t want you to avoid activities and experiences because you’re worried about food.

And I definitely don’t want you to wait another 5 years and look back in regret because you didn’t make a change - and feel like it’s too late. 🕘


Hey there! I’m Mike Millner, a nutrition coach with a passion for psychology, creator of The Personality Diet and JUST EAT Academy.

My passion for helping people improve their relationship with food while becoming the best version of themselves stems from my own personal journey. 

I spent YEARS of my life trying to hate myself thin. I grew up playing sports and never really paid attention to nutrition and then what seemed like an instant… I found myself at 250 lbs and lost.

The physical weight was only part of the issue. It was the lack of confidence, shame, and lost identity that felt like the real weight. However, I did what I thought I was supposed to at the time.. I restricted myself and did hours of cardio each day.

That started me down a path of yo-yo dieting. Trying program after program with temporary results, only to sabotage myself again and land back at square one (or worse). Each failed attempt at dieting reinforced my internal belief that I wasn’t good enough. That I wasn’t worthy.

The part of my journey that always sticks out in my mind like a sore thumb was my relationship with food. I would fake being sick so I didn’t have to go out to dinner with friends or family.

I would stay home at night and eat chicken and broccoli while having serious FOMO over what my friends were doing. I would get crippling anxiety about having to order at a restaurant, which typically led to binging.

Then, I’d restrict myself even more and repeat the restrict and binge cycle over and over again.

Food consumed my mind. It occupied my every thought for every hour of every day. I was obsessed.

I viewed foods as good or bad. I felt an overwhelming need to be perfect. I constantly judged myself for how well I did on my nutrition plan.

Inevitably, I would break. Then, I would find myself trying to pick up the pieces and starting over.

Maybe you can relate?

Repairing my relationship with food was the single most important process in my journey. It didn’t happen overnight. It didn’t come without struggle and work. 

But it was worth every single second of practice.

The gift of being able to be social without food anxiety... The gift of simply going through my day without having food on my mind 24/7... The gift of being able to JUST EAT...

Those gifts are everything to me and I knew I needed to pay it forward.

Over the past decade, I’ve worked with thousands of people to help them improve their relationship with food, while still achieving their goals.

What I learned is that most people go about this in a backwards manner. What we typically see is a focus on the physical results first. Restrict calories, exercise more, try to lose weight. That will yield a temporary outcome that is rarely sustainable.

When you fix your relationship with food first, the physical results fall into place more effortlessly and, more importantly, they LAST!

This is why I created JUST EAT Academy. The single most important factor for long term, sustainable results is found in your relationship with food, which will also improve your relationship with yourself.

JUST EAT Academy will help you find food freedom and will give you the ability to JUST EAT without obsessing about food, while simultaneously making progress towards your goals.

Much love,


After working with thousands of people, I discovered a process that provides the 🎁 gift of food freedom while simultaneously accomplishing your goals. I call it:
Rewiring the Food Brain 🧠
Rewiring your food brain begins with creating awareness and understanding your food identity and how you’re using food in your life. Then we engage in a mindfulness process that will allow you to ✂️remove the negative habits that aren’t serving you, ditch the food addiction, and develop a healthy and loving relationship with food. The best part… you will consciously CHOOSE a way of eating 🍽️that aligns with your values and goals, making it sustainable and enjoyable. 😊
"Working with POP has been a game changer for me. My mindset shift is what has helped me the most. For years, I've had an 'ideal' body weight goal. I used to be a cardio queen and see minimal results. Now, my body composition has improved significantly and I'm thrilled at a weight that scared me before because my body is toned and my clothes fit well! Previously, when I couldn't do thing perfectly, I'd binge and quit exercising or try to over exercise to "work off" the food. Through POP, I've learned consistency over perfection. I don't freak out or give up if things don't go as expected. I can adjust to real life. I enjoy food and my workouts. I should mention, I'm no longer a client, which scared me at first, but I have been able to take what I've learned and do it successfully on my own! And they are still there to support me, even though I'm not paying anymore. That's first class! What I've gained is invaluable!"

- Nicole
What’s great about rewiring your food brain is that it works.. EVEN IF...
  • You don’t have much time right now.
  • ​Have tried everything under the sun and nothing has worked.
  • ​You’re worried about losing the pleasure of food!
    (quite the contrary.. Food will actually become MORE enjoyable for you!)

Imagine how your life (and body) are going to feel when…

  • You can stop obsessing about food choices once and for all?
  • ​You have the freedom to dine out with family & friends without feeling like a failure?
  • ​​You know exactly what tools and strategies you can use in the moment to cope with stress & anxiety that don’t involve emotional or binge eating?
  • ​​​You’ve got a healthy, neutral relationship with food that doesn’t involve good vs bad labels?
  • ​​You’ve uncovered a method to ditch the perfectionist mindset when it comes to nutrition? 
  • You’ve banished your​ guilt and shame around food choices once and for all?
  • ​ And you’ve got ​the ability to JUST EAT and still make progress towards your goals?

…That's what JUST EAT Academy is all about


During this 8 week program, we’ll be covering these essential topics …

Introduction to Nutritional Mindfulness

 Understand the importance of mindful eating and how it can dramatically improve your results and your relationship with food.

Eating Mindfully

We've become so distracted and disconnected from our bodies that we've lost touch to what we really crave. I'm going to teach you how to engage all of your senses through eating mindfully, which is also incredibly effective for getting rid of cravings and urges to binge.

The Mindless Snack Hack

90% of the way we eat (from mindless snacking to grabbing a coffee + pastry every morning) is based on habits. Instead of trying to fight those habits, which takes a ton of willpower and struggle, I'll help you rewire your habits and create new patterns that make it EASY to eat mindfully, stay on track with your goals, and feel good about what you're putting in your body each day.

The Triple A Method™️ to Ditching Food Morality

This lesson will extend beyond just food and applies to how we judge ourselves for our actions and decisions. You will learn how to remove judgement from your food choices and how to incorporate a neutral lens through which to see food. This will allow you to make decisions based on your own internal values and goals.

Your Food Brain 

How your brain responds to situations plays a large role in your eating behaviors. You will learn how to create awareness around your food brain "triggers" and implement strategies to make positive choices through stressful events.

Goal Setting That WORKS

You will learn about the double edged sword of goal setting and how to utilize it in the most effective manner. I will teach you how to set goals that actually work and how to avoid the common pitfalls of goal setting. 

The F-O-O-D Forgiveness Model™️

We constantly beat ourselves up over food choices. There's an internal dialogue running in our minds that loves to tell us when we've made "good or bad" decisions. I'll teach you how to operate with compassion and kindness, rather than judgement and criticism.

The 3 Step Food Identity Process™️

Your identity plays a large role in the decisions you make and the habits you are able to adhere to. In this lesson we will unpack your food identity and I'll teach you how to use your identity to your advantage in adopting better practices around nutrition.

 JUST EAT Integration

Finally you will be able to JUST EAT by integrating all of the lessons we'll cover. I will also set you on the path for further development, as our relationship with food is a constant work in progress.


Access to JUST EAT Academy

  • 8 Course modules 
  • ​8 Video Lessons
  • ​​Access to Our Complete Library of Articles and Resources
  • ​Weekly action plan with templates and worksheets

8 Weeks of Group Coaching

  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls
  • ​24/7 Email Support
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  • Lifetime Access to Course Materials and Updates
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  • Weekly action plan so you know exactly what to do to be successful



  • A healthier relationship with food and your body
  • ​Mindfulness practices to make choices in alignment with your goals
  • ​Less food obsession
  • ​More food freedom
  • ​A positive outlook on your ability to make sustainable change
  • ​The ability to JUST EAT without guilt or shame
  • ​Tools to cope with stress and/or emotional eating
  • ​Greater self-awareness
  • ​Healthy MIND & BODY

It took me YEARS of personal struggle and reaching rock bottom to finally crawl my way out and achieve the FREEDOM I want for YOU.

This course is the exact thing that I wish I had back then.

"To concisely say how POP and Mike Millner have helped me turn my mindset around in a serious, laying rubber, smoking tires, 180 degree turn is damn near impossible. It didn't happen overnight. It started with 'I need nutrition help' but I had NO idea what kind of help I REALLY needed. Up until meeting Mike, I didn't know what was missing. We dug deep. Went places I was afraid to go - the exact reason things were going in a bad direction. I learned things about myself and it was hard, but I was never alone, and I'm in a great place now! There is always more work to do but with all the tools I've collected here, I am always moving forward, probably for the first time in my life with actual purpose. There are no spinning wheels. Maybe a few detours, but I now enjoy the scenery instead of picnicking that I'm lost."

- Roni
"Flexibility wasn't a thing that existed in my world. I was all or nothing. When I say all or nothing I mean if I didn't hit macros perfectly, I wondered why even bother. If I caved into a craving, I didn't have just one chocolate... I ate them all. Then went back for an entire pint of ice cream. That same mentality applied to my life. An extra meeting I wasn't expecting meant stress city. Gym closed for a holiday meant panic. I was trapped by structure, which I love, but any change came with stress and anxiety, meaning I wasn't a great person to be around. I learned about the strengths and weaknesses of my personality and POP didn't try to change me. They didn't tell me I was wrong or broken. They just helped me understand how to leverage that self awareness. They taught me that progress is greater than perfection. They challenged me to apply that to all areas of my life. I started to have flexibility and it got easier to deal with situations where my plans went to shit. I now understand the long game, can recognize when I'm being inflexible, and I know how to cope when things aren't going as planned."

- Erin
"Mindset... it's pretty much everything. I've lived a good portion of my adult life chasing goals. I've also spent a good portion of my life not setting goals I knew I might not reach. So focused on perfection, and perception, that one of two things happened. 1. I sat on the sidelines, making excuses for why I didn't participate in something. 2. Setting goals with a deadline, perfectly executing until said deadline, and then falling off the rails, hard. The mindset shift I've experienced working with POP has been monumental. I've completely redefined what it is to reach success. I've swiped 'I can do this for 30 days' with 'I can do this forever.' The release from a need for perfection has led me to not only reaching, but surprising my goals, with a new confidence to try things I might fail at, and having fun with it in the process!"

- Season
"I have been on my journey to find peace with my body for as long as I can remember. I have memories of being teased for being 'fat' at a very young age and it definitely left deep wounds that have impacted me to this day. Along this journey I have done all the usual diets on repeat looking for the magic pill... this may have also included diet pills. Nutrition has always been a struggle for me. Joining POP was one of the best things I have done! Understanding my personality and focusing on a growth mindset has helped answer to many questions about myself and things that I used to beat myself up over. I have learned to practice patience in the journey and continue to improve my mindset. It is possible to live life and achieve goals in the gym. I am achieving my goals physically, and I am in such a better head space and it is all thanks to POP!"

- Sarah