Have you ever eaten or trained
based on your PERSONALITY?

Have you ever eaten or trained
based on your

If not, you’re leaving a lot of progress on the table.

Mike Millner here, creator of The Personality Diet and self proclaimed “diet hopper.” I spent years of my life bouncing from program to program, without seeing any results.

To say I was frustrated would be an understatement. I was 250lbs and desperate for answers. Every diet and training program that I came across made promises of quick results and as someone who was determined to lose fat… I would jump in with both feet.

It seemed like everyone around me was making progress, yet I continued to struggle. Whether it was yo-yo dieting, restrict and binge cycles, or taking extreme measures to get results… I always landed in the same spot:
Feeling like an epic FAILURE.
I questioned my discipline. I questioned my will power. My insecurities grew deeper. I even developed an eating disorder as I became obsessed with ONLY eating “clean” foods.
Eventually, I reached my tipping point. As someone who loves to learn, I decided to stop listening to every “guru” out there and begin doing my own research.

Learning nutritional sciences was fun but it didn’t “click” until I immersed myself in the psychology of behavioral change.
Every expert talks about physiology and wants you to believe that weight loss is as simple as being in a calorie deficit.

Of course, that’s true. There’s no way around it. The real question is how do you consistently adhere to what you’re doing and SUSTAIN it. In my opinion, that is the question that no one is answering, and it’s the most important factor for success.

ENTER: The Personality Diet 

Your ability to adhere to a specific nutritional protocol or training program is directly related to who you are as a person. If it seems obvious, it should! This was one of those light bulb moments for me that I couldn’t believe took me well over 5 years to figure out.
Think about it… if you’re an extroverted, risk-taking, competitive person then the protocol that will be most effective for you will look very different than if you’re an introverted, risk-averse, very organized person.

Rather than continue to TELL you about it.. I want to SHOW you! 

The Personality Diet Assessment

Select the description below that best defines you.

Please note: you will not meet every single characteristic. Simply choose the one that you relate to the most. Then enter your name and email and I’m going to send you a FREE 30 day workout based on your personality and some additional resources that will blow your mind!

Read each of the 5 types below
and rank them from 1-5.

The description MOST like you should be 1,
and the description LEAST like you should be 5.

The Confident, Vocal Leader

  • High self-esteem
  • ​Talkative, loud
  • ​Very competitive
  • ​Doesn’t do well with authority
  • ​Loves to argue
  • ​Charismatic
  • ​Risk-taker
  • ​Addictive personality
  • ​Doesn’t care what others think
  • ​Impatient

The Imaginative, Leader by Example

  • Multi-tasker
  • Naturally athletic
  • ​Quick learner
  • ​Goal-oriented 
  • ​Likes to try new things
  • ​Dreamer
  • ​Explosive personality
  • ​Perform well under pressure
  • ​Impatient
  • ​Need mental stimulation

The Social Chameleon

  • People pleaser
  • ​Can adapt to any situation
  • ​Great at reading people
  • ​Indecisive
  • ​Procrastinator 
  • ​Wants to be liked by everyone
  • ​Hate to feel left out
  • ​Perform better when up against a deadline
  • ​Opinions of others is very important

The Emotional Supporter

  • Need to feel important
  • ​Great listeners
  • ​Prefer 1 on 1 settings
  • ​Fall in love easily
  • ​Give all of themselves to others
  • ​Very empathetic
  • ​Hard on themselves
  • ​Higher anxiety
  • ​Have a hard time saying no
  • ​Hate to disappoint people

The Organized Planner

  • Anxious
  • ​Perfectionist
  • ​Practical and analytical 
  • ​Prefer repetition over novelty
  • ​Great at following a plan
  • ​Patient
  • ​Don’t like to take risks
  • ​Love structure and rules
  • ​Don’t like to talk about themselves
  • ​Very focused and detail-oriented
Make sure you've finished ranking all 5 descriptions BEFORE clicking below!